49900 99900
  • HIGH CAPACITY :21% More capacity than your original battery
  • Grade A cell : high-speed and efficient charging.
  • High-quality IC chip : prevent the battery from overheating, circuiting, overcharging, discharging and short-circuiting.
  • Brand New 0 Cycle: built to last up to 500 charging cycles
  • Quality assurance:Tested under strict quality control standards 6.Buy with confidence: CE,FCC and RoHS UL Certificated

    • 1.To replace the battery more efficiently and avoid mistakes, we strongly recommend you watching relevant videos about replacing the battery at Youtube.
    • 2.Before you begin, discharge your original battery below 20% and then power off the phone. Don’t puncture your original battery and the battery replacement, since a charged Li-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if punctured accidentally.
    • 3.Do not wait until the battery is completely drained to charge, and excessive discharge can damage the negative electrode and reduce the overall battery life.
    • New battery runs out quickly usually for the Lithium-ion of the new battery is unstable. It will tend to be stable after 10 complete charges and discharge cycle.
    • 5.Due to the limitation of the lithium-ion battery, if the battery frequently keeps charged status or the phone is used continuously for a long time, it will lead to overuse of the lithium-ion battery and easily cause battery swollen.
    Premium Grade A+ Quality battery for iPhone
    49900 99900